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Community Involvement

Fundraising - It's fun and easy!

Happy Joe's has many opportunities available to help your group with fundraising.  Our most popular way to raise funds is by selling the Happy Cards

Happy Cards

Happy Cards are about the size of a credit cardHappy Card and hold 8 peel-off coupons on the back.  The coupons peel off and can be used at any Happy Joe's location.  The total value of the card exceeds $35.  We sell the cards to your group for $1 each and your group or organization resells them for $5, making a $4 profit per card.  It’s a wonderful and easy way to raise funds and offer some great discounts at Happy Joe's.  To order your Happy Cards, call the Happy Joe's nearest you. 

The 5-Hour Fundraiser:

Another popular fundraiser is the 5-Hour Fundraiser.  Your group creates a flyer that says “Order from Happy Joe's for dine-in, carryout or delivery on a specific date between 4-9 pm and 10% of your purchase will go towards your chosen cause.”  Guests must present the flyer when playing for their meal.  At the end of the 5 hours all receipts are tallied and within 2 weeks you will receive a check for 10% of the revenues. 

This can be a great fundraiser for any group.  However, the trick is you need to ensure that the flyers go to many people.  Do the math and find out how much your group needs to make and ensure that many orders are coming in.  The more we sell, the more you get.  Some of our locations will extend this fundraising offer beyond 5 hours.  Contact the store nearest you and discuss your event with one of our head coaches or owners. 

Buffet Fundraiser:

Many of Happy Joe's locations have buffets or smorgasbords at lunchtime.  However, if you have a special group, we may be able to set up a buffet just for you.  Call your local Happy Joe's and ask them about a buffet fundraiser where you keep a portion of the per-head price.  Most stores will need to have 40 or more people to make this a viable option. 

Customize A Fundraiser.

If your local group has an idea for a fundraiser, we’re happy to listen.  Customize your own fundraiser utilizing Happy Joe's products and services and submit it in writing to the store nearest you.  We are happy to review it and let you know of we can help. 

Happy The Dog:

Happy is our mascot.  Happy The DogHe’s a big, fluffy black and white Dalmatian and kids love him.  Happy loves to dance, give hugs and entertain the kids.  Contact your local Happy Joe's about having Happy attend your event.  He can also be part of your next birthday party.  Not all Happy Joe's locations have a Happy costume.  Contact the store nearest you for details.

For more information, contact your local Happy Joe's or the Happy Joe's Support Center at (563)332-8811 x 203. We look forward to hearing from you!

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