2021-08-12 14:15:08

RestaurantNews.com - How Happy Joe’s Pizza Is Carving Out A Slice from the Breakfast Pie

RestaurantNews.com - In this article you'll discover some of the history behind Happy Joe's Omelet Breakfast Pizza and what made Joe Whitty decide to create such a unique breakfast offering that would launch many other breakfast pizza options. You can read more here: RestaurantNews.com

2021-08-09 16:43:43

A pizza and ice cream parlor in the Midwest employs a 'chief happiness officer.' Here are 5 random acts of kindness he's dished out

In a recent Insider article by Kate Duffy it discusses Happy Joe's CEO Tom Sacco and his role as Chief Happiness Officer. The article talks about how he dishes out random acts of kindness to guests, staff and vendors as a way to promote both positivity and optimism. You can find out more here: businessinsider.com

2021-07-18 14:55:45

For Happy Joe's CEO: This time, it's 'personal'

Pizza Marketplace - A lot of people have a lot of fond memories that whirl around the Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream brand. That's one major reason its CEO Tom Sacco views his leadership of the chain as a very personal role. Read more here: pizzamarketplace.com

2021-06-25 14:05:20

Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream in Crookston Has New Ownership

Crookston Times - Happy Joe's Crookston has new local ownership in Jake Fee and Ellie Koepp! The Crookston Times' Jess Bengtson caught up with the new owners and discussed a variety of topics about the new business purchase. To read more follow this link: crookstontimes.com

2021-06-03 17:46:57

What Inspires Happy Joe's Pizza CEO Tom Sacco

QSR - Happy Joe's Pizza CEO Tom Sacco was recently interviewed for QSR Magazine. In the interview he discusses his career in restaurant chains, inspirations and talks about the "fairy dust" as he calls it with Happy Joe's Pizza and the emotional connections it has made over the last 49 years with children and adults alike. To read more follow this link: QSRMagazine.com

2021-05-14 13:24:20

FDL Reporter - New 'happy' eatery to occupy former Applebee's spot on Johnson Street in Fond du Lac

An article about Happy Joe's New Fond du Lac, Wisconsin store was recently featured in the FDL Reporter by Sharon Roznik. The article talks about plans for the location and includes CEO Tom Sacco's thoughts about the great community of Fond du Lac and what Happy Joe's family friendly concept brings to the area. Read more here: FDL Reporter

2021-05-13 22:35:45

MSN - Adored Regional Pizza Chain Wants To Open 1,000 Nationwide Locations

MSN LifeStyle's Mura Dominko recently wrote an article about Happy Joe's and it's current rejuvenated growth in stores. The article speaks about new CEO Tom Sacco and how the chain is opening new restaurants under his leadership with plans for many more. In addition the article includes some background on the company, it's popularity in the Midwest and its potential for growth. Read more here: MSN LifeStyle

2021-05-12 22:50:48

PMQ Pizza Magazine - This Regional Pizza Chain Plans to Open 1,000 New Stores

Happy Joe's was just featured in PMQ Pizza Magazine. The article talks about the growth of this regional family friendly pizza chain under CEO Tom Sacco a 30-year restaurant industry veteran. The article also discusses his vision for taking the Midwest restaurant chain to families nationally. Read more here: PMQ Pizza Magazine

2021-04-26 13:50:47

QSR Magazine - Happy Joe’s is Ready for its National Breakthrough

Happy Joe's was recently featured in an article by Danny Klein of QSR Magazine. Titled "Happy Joe’s is Ready for its National Breakthrough." The article talks about how Happy Joe's family-driven concept is ready to share its 'fairy dust' with America. It features an interview with Tom Sacco Chief Happiness Officer, CEO & President. With discussion points about the company, it's legacy and how it's looking to expand for the future. You can read it here at this link: QSRMagazine.com

2021-04-21 14:32:09

Fast Casual - Happy Joe’s waiving franchise fees to attract first-time owners

Happy Joe's was featured in Fast Casual along with an interview with Tom Sacco Chief Happiness Officer, CEO & President of Dynamic Restaurant Holdings, LLC. In the article he discusses how the brand has streamlined royalties to create a more mutually beneficial business practices and the introduction of limited-time development incentives for new franchisees. The article can be viewed at this link: FastCasual.com